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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
8:32 pm
I wanted to introduce LJ to Gracie, I've had her for 1 month today. She has filled the large Obie sized hole in my life with boundless energy, joy and fun, along with sleepless nights(potty training) bites and scratches (mom's the best chew toy) Today would have been Obie's 15th birthday. When I first decided to get Gracie, I felt I was being disloyal to Obie, but now I know she would have wanted me to have a new baby girl to love and spoil and worry over.

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
6:53 pm
i have never written a message in my livejournal. rather, i have used it as a way to connect to people who share my affection for certain fictional characters(some would say irrational) and my devotion to wonderfully executed fanfiction(some would say unhealthy). be that as it may, i have always enjoyed reading these  wonderful stories starting with   spuffy (my first exposure to fanfiction) to clex to spangel and finally dean and castiel. i have striven to express my gratitude to all those wonderfully talented writers with heartfelt comments and in doing so, have felt part of a community -even if  i was unable to create such amazing stories myself. however, today i feel the need to break with this pattern.
yesterday i lost my sweet dog obie. i just wanted to talk a little bit about how much she meant to me.
growing up i always yearned for a dog. my parents, though loving and supportive and for whom a thank god for daily, could never see the need for a dog. my father was not an animal person and my mom felt that because she worked, it would be unfair to a dog. so , i loved my friends dogs and waited for the day i could have one of my own.
that day came 14 years ago when i had my own place and i could finally have a dog of my very own. my dad still could not understand why i was getting a dog but from the moment i took her home on a dec day 2 weeks before christmas-it was love a first sight. this fact was reinforced when he proceeded to take obie down to his man cave to watch the football game and this love could not be undermined even when she proceeded to pee underneath the christmas tree. 
i got obie from a breeder in maine, i didn't get to pick her out myself, but i couldn't have picked a more perfect companion and friend.
obie was a black pug. she was named after obi wan kenobi ( the e was added in deference to her gender) , but that wasn't the only name she went by-obieletta poops outside (early in her housebreaking ) squidgy( because of the joyful full body wiggle that was produced by  two simple words-puppy chow-miss bossy big mouth because she always knew her own mind and whenever she felt i was being a little too slow with her treats.
obie didn't feel the need to go walking in the rain nor snow, viewed a walk as a functional need not a lifetime committment recognized the value of curling up with a good book(i read the book she did the curling) and loved to eat-a trait she unfortunately got from her mother.
she loved baby carrots,cheerios, toast and pizza crust. unlike many dogs, she didn't feel the need to greet me at the door, her attitude was that,being the one that left her,i should be the one to come  say hello to her when i got back from work. she spent most of her days sleeping on my bed and though never a destructive dog, took great pleasure in tossing off all my carefully arranged sham pillows to the floor. her latter days were marked by a much slower stride, eyes that could no longer see me and a undiscovered neurological condition that finally took her from me yesterday. obie was a wonderful dog, sweet in disposition with an expressive face and a beautiful soul. she was my constant companion - never away from me for more than 2 weekends in our full 14 years. we travelled together -she was my copilot in charge of map reading-which probably accounted for the lack of many long distances trips but- being a home body with her around -i never felt lacking -she was welled loved and i will miss her more than i can say. goodbye obie you were a really good dog.

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